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At Ameritel, we offer our customers award-winning products for low prices! Discover our new lease plans, starting at $100, and save thousands.

We’re offering 3 months free lease & 3 months of unlimited supplies with an annual service agreement – fill in the form to learn more!

Budget control

Budgeting-fixed monthly payments help you track and control your spending, especially when looking for the best printers for small businesses or corporate printers.

Tax benefits

Copier lease payments can often be deducted from your business’ taxable income.

New technology

It’s much easier to upgrade your equipment while it’s under lease.

Special promo

For a limited time, we’re offering 3 months of free lease & 3 months of unlimited supplies!

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What is a copier lease plan?

A lease is a fixed monthly payment over a pre-arranged time period that includes the price of the best office printers and sometimes, a monthly service agreement for parts, labor, and toner.

What is the difference between leasing and renting?

The primary difference in copier renting and copier leasing is the time frame. Rentals are typically month-to-month agreements while office printer leases are longer agreements. Business printer leasing also has tax benefits that renting does not.

How can Ameritel Corporation help me and my business?

From commercial office printers to multi-functional all-in-one office printers and scanners, we’ll supply your office with high-performance equipment from the nation’s leading brands like Kyocera (Kyocera all-in-one printer), Canon, HP, and more.

For more than 35 years, Ameritel has provided its customers with outstanding services. From printers and MFPs to document solutions, we have experts on-hand to help.

We have the perfect solution for you

Our machines are perfect for multiple industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Startups
  • Technology
  • Educational
  • Non-profil
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Government and public services

Here when you need us

We have multiple offices and dozens of service team members throughout the region. Therefore, no matter the sector, the size, or the location of your business, Ameritel is here to help.

Maryland, Washington D.C, Frederick and Virginia.

“Thank you for sending Frank yesterday on my service call… He got right down to business, told me what the problems were and how to fix them. He is what Ameritel Service is all about. He took the time to come to both of my locations, help me fix my problems and even how to better utilize my copier.”

Medical Practice

Reston, VA

“Thank you, Frank, Curtis and the other gentlemen so much for the fine (and quick) job you did today. I know it’s early, but everyone seems very pleased with the new copiers. I really appreciate the work Ameritel does for the Court.”

Training/job Services for Seniors

Washington, DC

We’re here to help your business grow

At Ameritel, we understand the importance of copy, scan, fax, and print technology.

Staffed with tenured Office Equipment Account Executives, we have the latest technology in the industry from Kyocera.

Ameritel offers OEM or compatible supplies for most major brands of copiers, laser printers, faxes, and wide-format printers.

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